Privacy Policy

Every member of our globally reputed service-firm is dedicated to respect legitimate privacy and dignity of our every individual visitor/client, always in future. For these noble purposes, we strictly follow the following provisions, rules, and regulations:

  • In general, we never misuse or share with others, any sensitive piece of information related with our any client/visitor. However, some time in future, we may make use of only some general pieces of first-hand information connected with our any clients/visitors (aged above 13), for certain informational campaigning or advertising. These pieces of general info could be their individual Names, Email IDs, Telephone/Mobile Numbers, Residential/Official Addresses, Bank Account Numbers, matters related with their queries/short mails or our services, and information related with the online financial and other transactions. All those pieces of information which are likely to hurt or harm in any way the privacy, dignity, occupational or social reputation of any client/visitor, are deemed to be sensitive by our firm.
  • To help those visitors/clients who do not like their any general or unobjectionable information to be ever used in such campaigning or advertising or shared with any third parties in future, provided below is an Email Opt-Out Link:; for making contact with us freely.
  • We will be bound to follow the rules and regulations of all those Internet media, in which such campaigns or ads will be conducted.
  • Lastly, the informational cookies (identifying our visitors) which we may like to use in future for measuring the effectiveness of our promotions, or boosting trustworthiness of our firm on the internet, shall also follow strictly the provisions and rules specified above.